Business Meeting

Facilitating / Coaching

Business Presentation
Facilitation of Leaders and Leadership Teams
  • Boards of Directors

  • Executive Leadership Team

  • Senior Leadership Team

  • Management Team

  • Emerging Leaders


Formats for Delivery:

  • Intensives: hourly, half-day, full-day, or multi-day retreat format

  • Cohort model: multi-month or multi-year initiative

    • A larger group of people placed into smaller cohorts

    • Meet together as a large group every other month in a multi-learning format of instruction, small group discussion, report-outs for peer learning, case studies, etc.

    • Meet together as a small cohort every other month for discussion of learning, application of topics taught in the large group format, discussion and application of a book reading, mutual and peer accountability, etc.

Working Together

Services Offered:

(Every engagement is custom-designed based on the needs and desired outcomes of the leader and team)

  • Training and Facilitating in Comprehensive Human System Design Infrastructure, Processes, and Procedures

    • Recruiting and Hiring

    • Performance Management: Reviews, Promotion, Correction, Discipline, Termination

    • Career Pathing

  • Creativity and Innovation

    • Brainstorming and Lateral Thinking Methodologies

    • Problem-Solving Approaches and Methodologies

  • Communication

    • Public Speaking Training and Coaching

    • Small-group facilitation

    • Conducting Effective Meetings

    • Developing Through Effective Delegation

    • Having Effective 1-on-1’s

  • Domestic and International Experiential Study Tours

    • Experience other organizations and cultures

    • Learn best practices

    • Team and relationship building

  • Board and Team Building Development

    • Personality for understanding and relationship development

    • Building a Team of Flourishing People

    • Strategic Planning

    • Team Building

    • Conflict Management

    • Problem-Solving

    • Communication

    • Assessment Options:

      • DISC© – Personality Characteristics

      • Meyers-Briggs© – Personality Preferences

      • Enneagram – Personal Growth and Learning

      • TKI (Thomas-Kilman Indicator) – Engaging in and Managing Healthy Conflict

      • LivStyles – a 9-factor assessment providing insights on personality, preferences, communication, decision-making and conflict management

      • CPI 260 – coaching tool for growth and development

      • FIRO B – coaching tool for growth and development

      • NEO PI-R


Coaching of Leaders

  • Types of Coaching Offered: 1-1 Coaching, Team Coaching, Small Group Coaching

  • Topics include but not limited to:

    • Personal growth and learning

    • Developing leaders

    • Leading leaders

    • Having effective meetings

    • Having effective 1-1’s

    • Having effective performance reviews

    • Helping people flourish

    • Personal leadership development

Staff Meeting