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Building Teams That Joyously Grow Your Business. 

Through a special blend of EMPATHY, EMPOWERMENT, and EXCELLENCE we help you build teams who show up excited to engage with their work every day.

About Us
When people flourish, organizations flourish. Period. 
People are leaving organizations in droves. Turnover rate has never been higher and the cost of replacing a single employee can be double, triple, or even quadruple the salaries of the employees leaving.

That's why, after many years in various C-Suite roles Matt Lesser decided to go all-in on his coaching business Uniquely Normal. By helping organizational leaders prioritize EMPATHY,  EMPOWERMENT, and EXCELLENCE Matt's clients have seen turnover plumate and employee engagement skyrocket. 

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"We laughed, learned, and some of us may have even cried...but most importantly we grew in our knowledge and understanding of ourselves, each other, and how we can better work together as a team. This is what it takes to BE EXCEPTIONAL."

“I was never a fan of using assessments. Ever. But I have a new appreciation for how assessments can help build healthier, stronger teams.”

“I had given up hope that there would be any change to how we operate as a team. After today, I have hope that things can and will be different!” 

And Don't Just Take Matt's Word For It

How Can the 3 E's Help Your Business?

By understanding what makes each employee tick, Uniquely Normal helps leaders give teams the autonomy and trust they need to make confident decisions.
Business Meeting
Using practical frameworks Uniquely Normal helps executives tap into the individual needs of each employee, so they can lead each person with a style unique to their personality.  
Business Team
With a leadership style that works for them, and an undeniable feeling of trust teams perform at a far higher level than ever before.
Working Together
When You Don't Make Work Exciting & Engaging
  • Individuals and entire teams stop caring about results
  • Employees leave for engaging work elsewhere
  • Your workplace becomes a place people dread going to
  • Your business stops growing

When You Spend Time With Uniquely Normal
  • You understand what your employees need out of work
  • You retain your best talent
  • You create an environment people love contributing to
  • You grow your business 
Image by Austin Distel
So How Can We Work Together? 
Creating a workplace with excited and engaged teams, who are joyously growing your business is simple. Follow these steps:

1. Click Book a Consulting Call

2. Discuss what you and/or your leadership team needs

3. Select a coaching package that fits those needs

4. We create a thriving organization full of people who are excited about and engaged with their work. 
Organizational culture and performance starts with leaders and leadership teams. Period. If an organization’s culture is unhealthy, or toxic, or achieving sub-par results, the journey to health and better results starts with the leader and the leadership team.

The Uniquely Normal team has decades of experience custom-developing and delivering relevant, practical solutions to facilitate leaders and leadership teams to higher and sustainable levels of performance and results.
CEO - Uniquely Normal

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